Question: What do you charge?

Answer: Our charges are outlined below:

Real Property Management Metro uses a simple and highly competitive pricing model. For multifamily units and multiplexes, get in touch with us and we will give you a personalized quotation. For town houses, other single family houses and condominiums, we impose a small lease up charge, which pays for your marketing until your first tenant is found. This charge is incredibly small compared to our competitors, who impose an eighty to one-hundred percent lease up charge. This is the equivalent of them collecting all the 1st month’s rent in advance, then imposing that charge on each occasion when a fresh lease is agreed in your name. Also, our monthly admin charge, to oversee your house round the clock, is a modest chunk of the total rental income. That amount is a standard charge that is imposed across the country, with hardly any variation.

Question: How is my rental amount decided?

Answer: Essentially, market forces determine the rent that is charged on your house, so we do our utmost to offer you accurate, dependable market data with regards to market rental fees. In light of this, we always advocate prices in line with market trends, however we permit our customers to select price points.

Question: Which services do Real Property Management Metro offer?

Answer: Real Property Management Metro are among the minority of full service real estate firms that focus entirely on managing properties. Virtually all our competitors are conventional property brokerages, which also do some property management on the side.

At Real Property Management Metro, we do not buy or sell property of any type. As a result, you can enjoy one-hundred percent of our attention on a daily basis! We offer sophisticated advertising campaigns, which give maximum exposure to your house. Furthermore, we operate credit and criminal background checks across the country, along with employment/income verification on each potential renter. This ensures that we find you a suitable tenant. In addition, we sign contracts with tenants, enforce the contract terms, collect rent payments, quickly send rental income to our landlords (using check or direct deposit), and proactively pursue rent whenever tenants miss payment deadlines. Also, we assess the whole exterior and interior of your house on a frequent basis, to make sure that your home is being correctly cared for by renters. Moreover, we offer in house maintenance expertise to tackle any problems that might appear. Our firm is the only firm in the country that permits its’ landlords to arrange maintenance themselves, if they desire. Finally, if an eviction should occur, we offer a cutting edge eviction protection strategy that reduces your eviction expenses.

Question: In what areas does Real Property Management Metro oversee properties?

Answer: Clarksville, Howard County, Ellicott City, Columbia, Elkridge, Jessup, North Laurel, Fulton, Daniels, Cooksville, Dorsey, Dayton, Florence, Elioak, Glenelg, Font Hill Manor, Granite, Glenwood, Hanover, Guilford, Henryton, Harwood Park, Ilchester, Highland, Marriottsville, Lisbon, Oella, Mount Hebron, Savage, Poplar Springs, Simpsonville, Scaggsville, Woodbine, West Friendship, Washington DC and Woodstock.

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