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Would you like to simplify your investments by using one company for your entire portfolio?

Regardless of whether you have invested in one, or even 10,000 properties. If they are spread over 30+ states, you can use Real Property Management to keep your investments in order.

Our web-based software gives investors access to all vital information when and wherever they need it. Customized reports provide data in a meaningful format. Our software will calculate average rents, maintenance costs, occupancy rates, plus a whole range of other metrics which help to keep investors in the loop.

Rental properties spread over a vast geographic distance can be an investor’s nightmare to manage at times. Our business model is based on standard business practices to keep this confusion to a minimum, and reduce the stress levels. In order to facilitate the simplification process we use a single point of contact (when it is prudent to do so) to help improve communication, reduce the number of contact points, and create a more streamlined customer experience. With years of experience and 200 locations across the United States and Canada, we are in the perfect position to service your property management needs. Currently we are enjoying incredible growth, and are opening up even more new locations.

We are ready to take your call right now; or email for assistance if you prefer. We look forward to providing you with a top quality service.

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